World Thai Boxing Championship Title for Mostafa Mosadegh

mustafa 211x300 World Thai Boxing Championship Title for Mostafa MosadeghMostafa Mosadegh has won the World Title in Thai Boxing Championships, held in Phuket, Thailand today. Mostafa defeated his Thai opponent, Tahanaek Saisilek Khon in a single match. He was not a stranger in Phulet, because he is a four time champion in Lumpinee Stadium. This popularity helped him win the match. Although Mostafa is a low kick master and was not ready for Thai boxing, but through the help and training with his coach, Shihan Amir Mosadegh, he prepared for the match.

Another reason for Mostafa’s victory, was the help and the insights he received from Toofan Pirani. Toofan is a world known kickboxing championship and K1 participant. He is a very close friend with Mostafa Mosadegh and his coach.

The games were held in Bangla Boxing Stadium. Bangla Boxing Stadium Patong off of Soi Bangla in Patong Beach is probably the most famous of all the boxing stadiums in Phuket. The stadium attracts fighters from all over the world to compete in this ancient Thai martial art.

Special thanks goes to Mr Sombat who promoted the games in the best manner.

Mostafa Mosadegh’s next fight will be on 29th of August, 2012 in Bangla Boxing Stadium. More news to come.


IMG 1003 World Thai Boxing Championship Title for Mostafa Mosadegh

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