Mohsen Mansoori kicks his way to Golden Belt

Mohsen Mansoori kicks his way to Golden Belt at 2010 Asian Kickboxing Championship in Thailand. Mohsen fought his way up in the IKF Asian qualifiers, eliminating his opponent by a knock out on second round of the game. He won the $5000 grand prize and gained the pass to fight against another Thai opponent, at Fairtex stadium in Thailand.

The Iranian fighter withstood heavy attacks from Nongoh Citmato, his well-known Thai opponent and despite the clear disadvantage from the crowd and environment, managed to win the match.

trans Mohsen Mansoori kicks his way to Golden BeltThe crowd cheered endlessly for the fighters as the announcer introduced them and Nongoh entered the stadium dancing the famous Thai martial arts moves.

Once the referee blew in his whistle, both fighters started the match and in the first round, the audience witnessed some fascinating kicks as both fighters were analyzing and examining each other’s opponents.

Coaches from both sides were watching the match closely and repeatedly reminded the fighters of proper techniques for them to apply.

In this match, which was the first IKF Golden Belt Championship to be held in Thailand, many tourists from various countries were present and excitedly applauded the fighters.

At the end, it was the Iranian fighter, Mohsen Mansouri who managed to win the match by continuously and rigorously attacking the Thai fighter. On round 5, both fighters showed an extremely exciting performance and provoked the crowd to cheer loudly and created an overwhelming atmosphere in the stadium.

Mohsen Mansouri who is known as Eric, managed to win the match with a close score and won the championship and brought joy to the audience and to his coach.

t Mohsen Mansoori kicks his way to Golden Belt

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