Johnny Davis

jdwithnew pka belt 0807 214x300 Johnny DavisJohnny Davis is passionate about the sport of promoting kickboxing and special events. What’s even more obvious is his ability to add his unique flare to the promoting business. Davis who’s had an extensive career in the martial arts winning many Point Karate tournaments and two world championships in kickboxing (1985 and 1987) was highly recognized in the mid 80′s for several memorable fights on ESPN…

Although, he retired in 1988, he never stopped working with the martial arts and promoting events. In 1995, he began writing his autobiographical Kickboxing training manual… In 1996, he promoted Kickboxing fights and community events while living in the California Bay Area.

(2002), Johnny released his Kickboxing training manual titled the Art of Kickboxing and started his Art of Kickboxing (A. K.) Promotions’ company to further promote, teach and grow the sport of Kickboxing. He also jump started 2002 with his Kickboxing Video Series. Additionally, he was featured in Black Belt Magazine’s May edition (2002).

Davis traveled the world to promote his company.  Below he his shown in Beijing China (2003) with the official 2008 Olympic Committee. While there, he helped garner a USA vs China Kickboxing event.

More recently, Davis added yet another edition to his promotions company, Artist Kickn’ It!  This offshoot from his Kickboxing and Boxing Promotions will continue to give flavor to his shows as well as give many more entertainers the opportunity to showcase their skills.

As a passionate promoter, motivational speaker, announcer etc.,  Davis has a lot to offer and willing to give his all to promote the best events!

Johnny Davis’ Accomplishments 1980 -

  • Kickboxing Titles
    • 1985 – PKA World Welterweight Champion.
    • 1987 – FFKA World Kick Boxing Champion.
    • 1987 – ISKA United States Champion.
  • 1980-1985
    • Opened “Superfoot” Davis School of Karate.
    • South Eastern Welterweight Champion.
    • North Carolina Light Middle Weight Champion.
    • East Coast Welterweight Champion.
    • North Carolina Welterweight Champion.
    • 1984 – Grand Champion – Battle of Atlanta- Georgia ( Largest Karate Tournament on the East Coast).
    • 2nd Degree Black Belt in Karate.
    • Won over 250 medals, trophies and awards in competition…
  • Civic Awards:
    • 1984 – Outstanding Young Men Of America Award.
    • 1985 – “Key to the City”, Dillon South Carolina (Presented by Mayor).
    • 1985 – South Carolina State Citation ( Presented in House of Representative by State Representative James Lockemy)
    • 1988 – Presidential Award ( Presented by Dillon, SC. Chamber of Commerce)
  • Additional
  • 1981- 1989: Traveled throughout North America and Europe for Kickboxing.
  • 1993: Created “Kick Box-A-Robics Program” Copyright 1993.
  • 1996: Co-Founded “KO Kickboxing” to Promote IKF Triple F Kickboxing Events.
  • 1996: President of IKF Semi Contact – Point Kickboxing© for semi contact sport competition.
  • 1997: Appointed to IKF Certified Seminar Instructors List.
  • 1997: Appointed to IKF Officials Board as an IKF Certified Official.
  • 1998: Appointed as one of the IKF World Representatives.
  • 1998: Created “Champions Training Tips” on
  • 1999: Appointed to IKF TV Production Commentary Team.
  • 2000: Created The Johnny Davis “Walk-A-Bout Fitness Program” Copyright 2000.
  • 2000: Assisted with IKF Promotions & Marketing.
  • 2001: Winner Of The IKF Hall Of Fame PRESTIGE AWARD
  • 2001: Authored  The Johnny Davis Kickboxing Manual – The Art Of Kickboxing.
  • 2002: Founded “Art of Kickboxing (AK) Promotions” Company.
  • 2003 – July: Produced and released the Johnny Davis Kickboxing Training Video.
  • 2003- May- Featured in Black Belt Magazine (five page spread)
  • 2003- Met with 2008 Official Olympic Committee in Beijing China regarding Kickboxing (see below)
  • 2004 Executive Producer of  Triple “F” Kickboxing TV Show
  • 2002-2006-License and Bonded Promoter For Kickboxing in the State of California
  • 2002-Present-  Freelance Writer- Articles and Essays