Auvo Niiniketo

index 250x300 Auvo NiiniketoAuvo Niiniketo is a Finnish Jujutsu teacher. He has developed the Hokutoryu ju-jutsu style.

Hokutoryu Jujutsu is a martial art based on jujutsu, practiced mainly in Finland.


Hokutoryu (“Northern Star style”) jujutsu is a style of jujutsu developed by Auvo Niiniketo in Finland in the 1970s, after seeing English-style jujutsu being practiced at Swedish clubs. Before jujutsu, Niiniketo was an amateur boxer, and later became one of the first practitioners of kickboxing in Finland. The head of Jiu Jitsu International, Richard Morris, has named Niiniketo to be his successor.


The style is based mainly on English derived jujutsu and kickboxing and developed to be straight-forward and practical style which includes takedowns, locks, strikes and kicks and includes some training in applied weapon techniques such as knife and baton.

Today, Hokutoryu is the most popular jujutsu style in Finland. In Finland it is practiced in 46 clubs and in some military garrisonns and police clubs. It also has practitioners in other countries such as Russia, Baltic states, Iran and Ecuador.

Hokutoryu jujutsu also has been used in Finnish and Estonian military and law enforcement training. Military version of Hokutoryu has been taught in Iraq to the international occupation forces and the Iraqi Army soldiers.

Hokutoryu 30th Anniversary Show in Finland – 2007 – click “Play” below to see the video
Hokutoryu Ju-Jutsu: Auvo Niiniketo 9th Dan – example 1
Hokutoryu Ju-Jutsu: Auvo Niiniketo 9th Dan – example 2