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IKF Referee Seminar

96 Photos

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Ernesto Hoost Farewell Party

79 Photos


Ernesto Hoost Training with Iranian Female Fighters

47 Photos

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Ernesto Hoost Seminar & Training, February 2009, Tehran, Iran

201 Photos


IKF Full Contact Karate Chapmionships, January 2009, Tehran

61 Photos


World Kickboxing and Muay Thai Boxing Championships, Shirudi Stadium, December 2008

78 Photos

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Amir Mosadegh with World Martial Arts Celebrities

25 Photos

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Amir Mosadegh's Appearance on Newspapers and Press

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Grand Master Fereydoon Maleki He was a Amir Mosadegh's Coach, who passed away in a car accident. May he rest in peace.

156 Photos

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Amir Mosadegh with Iranian Authorities

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Some Picture of Top Master Amir Mosadegh

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Amir Mosadegh in Thailand Camp

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Amir Mosadegh in Action

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India OPES Camp

10 Photos


Khadem Club Competitions

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Amir Mosadegh with His Father and Brothers

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Tabriz National Team Selection Competitions

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Abdo Bowling Club Competition held in Tehran

45 Photos


Khoshzaban Club National Competitions

20 Photos


Golden Belt Competitions 2008

171 Photos