Bukan Kickboxing & Point Kickboxing Results

amir mosadegh family 300x199 Bukan Kickboxing & Point Kickboxing ResultsShihan Amir Mosadegh, President of PIMAF and IKF Asia representative held the Bukan Kickboxing and Point Kickboxing (PKB).

This exciting event that coincides with the Iranian New Year, was held from 24th to 27th February 2009, in the city of Bukan in East Azarbaijan province in north west of Iran. More than 400 fighters attended this event and competed against each other in the aforementioned styles. Contestants were from 4 age groups, in 32 teams from all over Iran and in 40 different weight groups.

The program started in the early morning of 24th of February by introductions of the teams by marching in front of the IKF flag, each holding a sign with their names written on it.

dsc 0941 199x300 Bukan Kickboxing & Point Kickboxing ResultsThe event continued with a speech by Shihan Amir Mosadegh. During the speech, he asked all fighters to fight fair and he also reminded the contestants about latest IKF rules and regulations. Mr Mosadegh wished everyone a Happy Nowrooz (Iranian New Year) and the games were officially started at 9 O’Clock.

Two separate rings were assigned to Kickboxing and Point Kickboxing (Semi-Contact)  matches. The fights were observed by two jury bodies and Asian Referee Committee under direct supervision of Shihan Amir Mosadegh.

The event was covered by local television networks and also by national sports newspapers. The level of the matches was satisfactory and the fighters showed some strong skills and capabilities.

On the final day, the team from Lorestan Province won the most medals in Kickboxing and Tehran Team won the first place in Point Kickboxing (Semi-Contact).

Some of the prominent fighters present in these matches were: Mostafa Mosadegh, national champion and National Kickboxing Team member, Behrooz Mohammadi, Ali Amreinia, Sajjad Ghobadinejad, Hasan Khornagh, Hossein Khornagh, Mohammad Mosadegh, Ali Garshasbi, Ali Aghtai, Mojtaba Ataii, Sajjad Khorrami and many more.

dsc02512 150x150 Bukan Kickboxing & Point Kickboxing Results dsc02522 150x150 Bukan Kickboxing & Point Kickboxing Results dsc02523 150x150 Bukan Kickboxing & Point Kickboxing Results dsc02484 150x150 Bukan Kickboxing & Point Kickboxing Results dsc02488 150x150 Bukan Kickboxing & Point Kickboxing Results

Also present were many VIPs including Azerbaijan Province Governor, Mayor, Police Chief, Province Sports President and others who were seated in the VIP lounge. Their presence added further excitement to the matches.

At the end, the winners were awarded with Gold Medals and cash prize from Shihan Amir Mosadegh and the event ended with a traditional Kurdish dance, which was truly amazing.

Photographs of the event are as follows:


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